The reality of our industry is that unforeseen hurdles are a common occurrence – no matter how thorough the specs, architectural drawings or project management. No one likes bad news, but surprises are worse. With Phoenix, surprises are eliminated by delivering proactive input on potential solutions before something becomes a problem.

Cost Management

In an ever-changing market with endless competition, it is critical for you to extend your company’s capacity to grow by building your stores in the most efficient manner possible. We help identify methods of directing and controlling your project costs while working with the entire team to establish the best delivery policy from the concept through close-out.


Our success comes from relationships with the people. This applies to our customers and subcontractors. Both parties have a business to run, and their lives depend on it. At the forefront of our mind is the humanity of business and importance of human connection. Developing a strong relationship with our partners based on trust, honesty, and commitment to a common goal, allows us to work with the countless hands that help build a project.

Schedule Management

Project scheduling influences all project disciplines. In the retail construction industry where many projects are short and in demand to be done “yesterday”…every activity seems to be a critical path. However, with the more complicated projects, whether they are tenant improvement or ground-up, recognizing the inter-play between owner vendors, material deliveries, subcontractors and landlord deliverable, continues to be a vital component to the value we provide our customers.

Shared Vision

Among the teams of vendors and suppliers our clients work with, we understand the seriousness of our role in turning their vision into a reality – going beyond the bricks and mortar to create environments where people choose to work, shop and live. Your vision is to create a destination. Our end destination is to create your vision. When sharing this truth, we can build with innovation, passion, and a demand to impress so we can ensure the end product is better than what your originally envisioned.

Workmanship and Quality

You have gone through an immense amount of effort to design a space that will put your best foot forward. Now, it is our responsibility at Phoenix to uphold your vision by building the space which represents your company to its maximum ability.

Justin Cop

Board of Director

Justin is a southern guy at heart. He was born and raised in south Louisiana and graduated from the University of Mississippi with a business degree. He is both a salesman and an entrepreneur. Early in his career, he worked in sales for a division of ITT before starting Serco, a manufacturing and refurbishing company in the petrochemical, pulp, and paper industries.

In 2011, Justin moved his family to the Texas Hill Country to pursue his love of land, clean air, and small-town living. Over the years, he has developed a specialization in ranch, farm, and land properties with a focus on Central and South Texas. Justin bought Fredericksburg Realty in 2017 and is proud to work with some of the best real estate agents in Texas.

Justin lives in Fredericksburg with his wife, Amy, and their four busy children. He is active in the St. Mary’s Catholic Church ACTS community and has served on the Gillespie County Appraisal Review Board.

Chris Zeig

Board of Director

Mr. Zeig currently serves as president of the Parker County Child Welfare Board. He attends First United Methodist Church. He married his wife, Jennie in 1999, and they have 2 children. He is Managing Member of Texas Maintenance Solutions, LLC., an electrical and facilities maintenance contractor.